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♥ Heaven Sent: Story Behind Dulceria Angela’s Three Generation of Striving for Excellence ♥

History in the Making (The First Generation)

Once there was a couple named Amando Inciong and Cresenciana Inumerable. They started building their family during the Japanese times. Life was hard back then and Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising as they were fondly called by the people of Balayan had to do different things to survive. Mamay Ando drove a kalesa and Nanay Ising sew clothes. But though they seem to have different fields of expertise their union is sweetened by their passion for cooking. Mamay Ando’s expertise is ice scramble, macaroni, pancit and adobo! Nanay Ising is a very patient cook when it comes to preparing native sweets. They longed to have a big family but out of five pregnancies only two children survived. They were named Milagrosa and Teresita. But their small family grew with the existence of their expanded family. They do practice close ties with keens and relatives. Every time there will be reasons or occasions to celebrate Nanay Ising and Mamay Ando won’t mind cooking for the whole clan from the main course to the dessert. They even put up a small canteen near the public school were they cater to the hungry children’s need for sumptuous meal at an affordable price and most of the times even for free. They have very soft heart for children without “baon” (prepared snacks nor the pocket money to pay). During Christmas seasons they often persevere in cooking pastillas no matter how tedious the process may seem to be. They call it their labor of love for their friends and families. Mamay Ando would harvest, boil and peal the ube and patatas that they will use and Nanay Ising would patiently grind the mixture in a anciently manual coffee grinding machine. They would then take turn in mixing it on low fire using the woods that Mamay Ando patiently gathered from the farm. These part would seem like forever before the mixture will be viscous enough for cutting and wrapping. Nanay Ising used carefully crafted papel de hapon to wrap these treats.

They are very perfectionist in their output. They only want to have the best for the people to whom they will give their labor of love. They always make sure that their output won’t only look good but it should also taste great. The prominent people of Balayan requested them to cook the delicious pastillas for them. Having been good hearted they don’t turndown the requests. For the recipients of these gifts they can’t help but say that these treats are surely heaven sent. Through words of mouth, satisfied recipients spread the news about it. Many inquired on how to get the chance to eat the concoctions of Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising. And it is were the business idea came about. They soon started selling the goodies at reasonable price on a per orders basis. The couple’s passion on producing this Christmas treat has been effectively passed on to the next generation.

The Second Generation strived for perfection and reach out

When Milagros, their eldest child, married, pastillas-making had been one of her means to provide the needs of her children. Her husband, Salvador, who being a sweet, patient and diligent Ilonggo didn’t mind the heat of the sun as long as he could sell the goodies in the buses, jeeps, and offices. Their three children namely Ma.Gracia Shiela, Eugene Dominic and Ma.Milagros Teresa do tagged along the production line. Though young as they may seem at ages 4,5 and 6, they don’t mind staying up late trying to give a hand in the packaging process and the quality control. They are the ones who served as the connoisseurs, the expert taga-tikim who has the say if the goodies are perfectly yummy. They also rode the pedicab that Mamay Ando and Salvador used to pedal on to sell form the market to the different offices in the town child-likely shouting in a stuttered manner “Biye biye na po kayo!” (Come on and buy from us). Teresita is also making contributions in the business as she squeezed in into her busy office hours the wrapping of these sumptuous goodies.

Salvador and Milagros being highly educated, then found a career on numerous stuff like real estate, facilitating seminars and teaching. It was Teresita who took over the family business and tried to operate it in a year round basis. That was the start of the Christmas – everyday scene in the household. At the oversee of Teresita, the production and the clientele base expanded but the old suppliers were retained. Being very true to their word the family of Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising were given a very strong credit line by their suppliers.

The Third Generation in the making. . .

The three children of Milagros and Salvador grew up and took different courses in college. The eldest took business management, the only son became a priest and the youngest took public administration. Their college education just like the milk formula they had when they were still young was again funded by pastillas production and the generosity of scholarship grants that they were able to avail. Being very much involved in the production ever since toddler years, the next generation can’t help but to have a strong connection with the pastillas making. The eldest grandchild can’t help but use the Pastillas Business as topic for her college thesis. It is in this paper that they further saw the potentials of the business. After graduating from college, the youngest and the eldest daughters of Salvador and Milagros volunteered to take care of the family business. With the only son, the priest, giving bits of inputs every once in a while, him being the one behind the elegant standard of the packaging. Teresita took the opportunity to fulfill her dream of seeing snow for real, she flew off to Italy and decided to temporarily work there until now. She stays with her life long partner Gidget. Together they do check on the business every once in a while and provides moral motivation for the younger generation to keep on going. Salvador and Milagros provides guidance on running the business as they both continue their passion for social service in their position in the local church group and as part time worker in the government. They quipped that they should practice the business concept of “creating better mouse trap”. Simply put, this concept means that if one will create and innovate the best and effective trap more and more people will find their way to your doorstep. Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising had joined the creator for quite some time now but their legacy of being Balayan’s pride still lives on.

Their generosity and dedication to their clients has been very much rewarded with continued patronage of their still growing number of customers. The pahiling technique (giving extra of what is being bought) that they utilized ever since the start is now reaping its marketing effectiveness. As more and more people were able to taste these delectable treats, more and more turn out to be their regular patrons. If before they have to go to the streets and shout “bili na kayo!”, the younger generation now enjoy the benefit of being known as THE MAKERS OF PASTILLAS. It is as if having a zeal on their forehead that any where they go in the town, may it be the church, the market, the banks, the hospital, the schools, and any other entities, people would remember the delicious pastillas and would place their orders right there and then. Of course they do try to keep the tradition by giving their customers only but the best quality that they can produce to keep them satisfied and keep their patronage. The younger generation do also keep the legacy of Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising that in anything they do they should always put others first before themselves.

Trying to cope up with the increasing demand of the market, the grandchildren of Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising once again extended the size of their families by employing individuals who can pitch in the production. They call them the “Angels”. The Angels are not treated as mere employees but as part of the family. They greatly benefit from being employed in the business and in return lends the family the extra hands, feet and wings to make the business soar higher. Thus the present generation is now practicing social entrepreneurship. They were able to provide the needs of others as they pursue business.

THE BIRTH OF DULCERIA ANGELA Dulceria Angela, as the business is now known, not only in Balayan but even in the different Filipino communities all over the world, will always be inspired by the legacy of generosity, care and love for others. It’s name was derived from Spanish lullaby Duerme ti me Niña, which is the favorite song of Angela, the first great grandchild of Mamay Ando and Nanay Ising. The word Dulceria in Spanish means store of candies and sweet stuff. Translated in English it would mean Angela’s Sweet Shop. And indeed Dulceria Angela will continue to produce pastillas and other pastries that are not only delectably sweet but would also evoke sweet memories of one’s childhood, of sharing and of caring for others.

Our Patrons

The present generations were surprised by the overwhelming reviews that they get from their patrons. Some keeps on buying because the pastillas served as the tool to improve their sales, others to close a big deal with a client, others used it to rekindle a lost friendship. For many they bought pastillas to get the sought after “I do” from the love of their life. Others bought pastillas as a way to patch things up with their in-laws. Others used it to get a remarkable discount for doctor’s fee. For the families of the migrants to show their love amidst the distance and for the balik-bayans a way to bring the warmth of the Philippines in abroad. Most of their patrons were the next generations of their “suki” (regular customers ever since the start) , balik-bayans , sales agents, and people from different walks of life. The pleasing reviews and comments that they get inspire them to continue on pursuing for the better. The present generation do find this business a very fulfilling endeavor. Not only for its monetary benefits but also for the social benefits that it gives to it’s employees and patrons. Being further inspired by the market response, the Dulceria Angela Family is now trying to expand its horizons. They now have a cart in SM Batangas. This venture is another step forward for the business to reach and serve more clients. They also utilize the advent of internet technology in promoting the business and will soon launch their own website (www.dulceriaangela.com).

From all of these, they coined their tag lines “…makin’ your life a li’l sweeter” and “be an angel…share!”. So have a bite now of Dulceria Angela’s products, the fruits of generations of homemade cooking perfected thru time, refined with love and care and lavished with natural and prime ingredients. A perfect gift that symbolizes the sweetness of sharing in all occasion.

Meet Our Team

Teresita I. Inciong

General Manager

Ma. Milagros Teresa I. Hechanova


Production Assistants

Antonio R. Atienza

Archie Tolentino

Mildred E. Garcia

Jonas M. Maravilla

Loreta P. Lobrino

Janica P. Socorro

Ma. Jasmine T. Lachica

Leoncia P. Glori

Meriam C. Alday